Scope of Services

The Services provided shall cover the following aspects:
1. Desktops and Laptops:
  1. Maintenance of Computer Systems, Monitors, Keyboards, Scanners, Printers, HDDs, Modem and Switches.
  2. Monthly preventive maintenance to all the equipment of the computer system which   covers the following:
    • Antivirus Updating and scanning.
    • OS and other software updates.
    • Uninstalling unwanted programs.
    • Removing browser hijacking software, adware, default search URL.
  3. System Issues covered:
    • Checking system speed issues.
    • Basic Network issues.
    • Network Printing issues.
    • Mouse, keyboard and other plug and play issues.
    • Internet connectivity issues.
    • Mail client issues like outlook, thunderbird etc.
  4. Remote support – In case of Emergency.
  5. Support Visits can be extended based on customer requirements.
  6. Troubleshoot hardware and software errors by running diagnostics.
2. Server:
  1. Centralized user Management.
  2. Adding new laptops and desktops to server.
  3. Remote access configuration.


3. Network:
  1. Configuring switches & Modem.
  2. Network Firewall Troubleshooting with the Vendor support.
4. Additional services:
  1. Computer Hardware and Accessories purchase. 
  2. Setting up server room (Data Centre) with rack and other safety equipment for  digital data (existing will be taken care of)
  3. implementation and support.
  4. Maintenance for IP Telephone System.

Preventive Maintenance Services

  1. Inspections render breakdown maintenance and monthly preventive maintenance during normal working hours to the equipment.
  2. The Preventive maintenance will be done “Once” in a month for the equipment mentioned in Maintenance Contract free of cost.
  3. Preventive maintenance includes:
    • Update all the machines with relevant windows and antivirus updates available on the net.
    • Server Health Check.
    • Locate and delete malicious spy ware.
    • Deep cleaning of Temp files, Temp internet files, cookies, startup items, recycle bin.
    • Fight viruses with alternative means if necessary.
    • Check event viewer for any errors.
    • Check backup system & network Functions.
  4. Unlimited free telephone support and remote support related to I.T problems.
  5. Services include emergency/on-call services after hours and on weekends and senior/expert support when required.
  6. Estimated equipment to be maintained includes computers, printers, servers floor switches, Wi-Fi access points and IP Telephones.
  7. Maintain backup, recovery and redundancy strategies.

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